Thursday, May 30, 2013

So many cute bunnies!

Just want to remind you that there are lots more cute bunnies, memes and bunny events PR on the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, "Like" the RR page. If you are not on FB, you can still view it and bookmark it.

This first bun (in cup and with apple) is Sprite and is adoptable from GHRS.

Sprite now

Overlord bunny - you must do his bidding

Neapolitan bunnies - 3 flavors

Variegated bunny

Groucho Marx bunny

Homework helper bunny

Soft huddle puddle of bunnehs

After Memorial Day -
it's okay to wear white

"Yes, we're good at least until Labor Day."

"I'm all ears ...
I mean, I'm listening."

"Whatchu' sayin'?"

"Hold still and I think I can reach this treat ..."
Fluffy would forever regret her
one night stand with the Easter Bunny.
Alexander the Great -
ready to conquer the world


  1. Awww! There goes my IQ, through the roof, again!

  2. love the cute bunnies!

    Also love the cat's expression.