Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bunya & Lucy, shedding together

Found them flopped at the pen gate together. Look like they are not doing anything, but they are shedding ... just very, very quietly.

Hare hair

We brush them and it's like we never did.
Are your bunnies shedding now?


  1. Yes!! Three of our four are shedding. Nibbles is really bad--I'll brush him for 15-20 minutes and he still has stuff falling off him. How do they sync up like that??

  2. Blackie and Sandy have been shedding for almost a month. What I don't get is how they can lose so much hair and not go bald. Sometimes when I brush them, the pile of hair is bigger than the rabbit. Oh well, that's life as a bunny slave.

  3. yep, I had blue pants on yesterday when she jumped in my lap for some loving... 2 minutes later I had white pants on.

  4. Yup, here, too! Lola fur everywhere, & I do mean EVERYWHERE. I have to check the dishes when pulling them from the cabinets, even. No matter how much time I spend on sloughing it off of him, his but still looks shaggy, & its a fur blizzard going through.