Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Couch buntatoes

Not sure what fascinated Lucy and Ethel about the couch this particular afternoon. Ethel is the most frequent visitor, but I think that's because she likes the "high ground".

Lucy was checking behind the cushions, for what ... who knows. Dropped treats maybe.

Ethel gets a little higher by climbing on a pillow.

Lucy explaining to pillow bunny that she is the alpha bunny.

Once Ethel jumped off, Lucy looked like she wanted to have a word with the bunny on the bunny-whipped  pillow. You can see that they are shedding (you have bunnies - what else is new?). Lucy's butt has all the little tufts sticking out (part porcupine). Happily, they are gone now. We managed to catch her Sunday morning for a grooming. Of course, grooming is a temporary thing at best, but for a little while at least, she'll look like her usual beautiful Dutch self.


  1. I'm a tad OCD, so I LOVE plucking bunny butts.. Umbra is ungrateful, however. =[

    My bun likes to look behind the pillows too (because my mom likes to stash parcels of lavender)

  2. What cuties! As far as shedding goes, hey, we've got an English Angora! Yikes!