Saturday, August 18, 2012

RR Submission: Callie

Look what the Kat* dragged in ...

Callie: Oh, my aching head ...
Could you please bring me some more aspirin?
And from now on, we are setting a 3 martini limit.

Actually, Callie is demonstrating one of the ways to keep a bunny cool: frozen plastic bottles of water.

As Kat writes: She definitely likes her ice bottles...moves them to wherever her mood dictates and then flops over to enjoy her efforts. [Which is what she's really demonstrating above.]

And as Kat posted previously: I use old 2-liter Coke** bottles, fill them up with water and freeze them; then put them in the bunny pen for my furballs to lean up against. Callie loves to roll hers around as she changes locations and often can be found lying her head on the sweating bottle or lounging with her feet under it.
I keep 4-6 bottles rotating in and out of the freezer so the bunz always have something chilly and wet to lean against.

Here are some prior posts about cool bunnies:
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Here's cutie Callie without a faux hangover:

Callie the first time she went outside -
She wasn't quite sure what to make of the big outdoors,
but eventually got to the point that she came out of her carrier for a little sunshine.
Check out Kat's photography here (yes, yes, it includes bunnies, including more pictures of Callie).

* Apologies, Kat, I couldn't resist.
** May seem like a product placement plug, but this is from Kat's original post and, after all, this is Atlanta, people, Coca-Cola's home, so it's okay by us.


  1. Callie's a sweet girl with a long stubborn streak. I'm so lucky she allows me to be her dedicated slave. :)

  2. Always so great to see bunns use the frozen bottles. We have never gotten a single bunny to do it!!!