Friday, August 24, 2012

Not a bunny lawn ornament

Always nice to come across our house bunnies' relatives in the wild ...

If you come across wild bunnies, the best thing to do most often is - nothing. Just enjoy them but do not try to "rescue" them. Read more about it on the House Rabbit Society's website, specifically here.


  1. a little off topic but.. JEEZ those mushrooms are huge!!

    About the bunnies, alot of people feel like they have to rescue wild babies, but they don't realize that wild rabbits ween there young very early. They will do fine on there own.. if you really want to help out mother nature you can just be a little more green over all.

    1. I know - maybe the bunny is just small. Or mushrooms in the foreground and bunny in the background.
      No - I think you are right - they are just huge.

      We need to plant a bunny friendly garden. What the wild ones don't eat, our house bunnies can.

    2. I was just thinking it was odd that the wild ones don't eat the things that Umbra likes to eat, like our mint or basil. If wild rabbits loved it as much as her I would never have any to give her.