Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RR Submission: Dusty Buns

Bluebell's humans lost their adorable companion of 10 years ...
but meet his lucky successor, Dusty!

Dusty Buns (must have sat in some baby powder)

You may "SQUEEE!" at will.

This bunny writes: My name is Dusty, and I love my new humans. They learned all about bunny love from their former bun, Bluebell, and adopted me from Rabbit Rescue, a north Texas rabbit rescue center.

Way to go Bunny slaves!
Look for a bunny shelter near you -
Donate, Volunteer or Adopt.
When you want a wonderful pet - 
Think Fuzzy!


  1. Awwww Dusty is so cute,I'm glad he has a lovely forever home to go to...SQUEEEEEE!

  2. I love his little feetsies! I want to snorgle him.

  3. SQUEEEE!!! Welcome Dusty! Our Charisma came from Rabbit Rescue, we're so very glad you found an awesome home!

  4. It makes our bunny hearts go hoppity hop when we see our former kids in their fur-ever homes!!! THANK you for adopting Dusty and Charisma!! There are many more just waiting for their humans to sit up and pay attention, so spread da word!!! Thanks, The Head Bunny Slave