Monday, August 6, 2012

One morning on the fireplace ...

As you know if you are a Regular Rabbit Ramblings Reader (RRRR), Sunday morning is typically the complete clean-out of the pen. Often, the bunnies will go lounge on the cool bricks of the fireplace while they await their maids' completion of their tasks (maids = human slaves). Well, Lucy will go there first and then she gets company.

The pen is emptied, including their long white tunnel. For whatever reason, we lean it up against the fireplace where it tilts down to the carpet at about a 15 to 20-ish degree angle.

Every Sunday, Lucy tried to scamper UP the tunnel to the fireplace. Sometimes, we pick up the end she goes in so she can have a level or downhill run to the fireplace. Sometimes, we just let her try; she gets a lot of exercise and eventually slides back out, butt first. Amuses us to no end.

Ethel decided to show Lucy how she should approach this goal ...

Lucy settles on the fireplace and Bunya joins her shortly thereafter.

Ethel follows to find out what everyone is doing and
to compliment Bunya that he no longer has that embarrassing poopy butt.

Ethel to Lucy: Hey, Lucy, why don't you try it this way?!?

Ethel (sliding DOWNhill ... Duh, Lucy): Wheeeeee!!!

Ethel: That was fun! They ought to make that a ride at Six Flags!