Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bunya's hay cube

Well, I suppose the title pretty much says it all ...
Bunya's just bossing it around to get at the most desirable gnawing angle.
At about 18 seconds in, there's 5 seconds of that perfect bunny chewing pose - completely still, focused on chewing, with the mouth and cheeks pumping like the pistons in a well-oiled engine.

All the bunnies love them (see this earlier post). And they love to take them out of the "cube box" and chew them elsewhere. In the background, to the left of Bunya's fuzzy butt, you can see Lucy and Ethel (or at least their ears) bobbing up and down as they demolish another hay cube together. Originally, I think it was Ethel's hay cube - Lucy snatched it and ran off. Lucy did not want to share and did this a few times after Ethel caught up to her, completely willing to share. I will see if I can find that video.

Do your bunnies like hay cubes?
What are your pets' favorite treats?


  1. love you bunny video's always have me cooing and giggling

  2. agree...LOVE the videos. silky LOVES the hay cubes. they are so messy...he always takes them out of his dish that i put them in. humm...his favorite treat...there are these treats that come in a dark red bag...idk what they are called but he goes CRAZY for those. these...

    and he loves the round biscuit treats. i think kaytee makes them.

    1. Glad you and SR enjoy the vids! Found the one of the girls fighting over a hay cube and will post tomorrow. YES - they LOVE the Oxbow treats in your link. They all like Veggie flavor and Bunya also likes the strawberry. I like the aroma when you open the strawberry flavor. We get their food and treats (cubes and Oxbow) from the GHRS Hop Shop when we can get there (and PetSmart when we can't).

  3. AND idk where you get your hay cubes, but im very dissapointed that i paid 8bucks a bag at petco and i found them online for like 2.50, and would be way cheaper even with shipping.