Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ethel demonstrates the binky bunny hay buffet

Actually, it's just a contraption we rigged so that the bunnies could have fresh hay 7/24. You will see Ethel digging in the hay to find just the right piece of hay, with the flavor, bouquet and lingering aftertaste that she finds most appealing. (Be sure to check it out about 25 seconds in when she stretches to get the hay from the highest hole.)

They all do this ... it has about 5 or 6 varieties of hay. It's 80% Timothy hay, one of two varieties, and the rest are various smaller portions of "treat" hays. We restock it every few weeks - it's a big container.

And they are little bunnies.

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  1. she is such a cute little bunny,she makes me want to give her a cuddle