Friday, October 26, 2012

Iron Bunnies - Battle Hay Cube!

Allez cuisine!

Originally, I think the hay cube in question was Ethel's. Lucy snatched it and ran off. Lucy did not want to share - even if her kinder, gentler sister Ethel was completely willing to share.

Several edits in this clip keep the "action" sequences a little closer together.
At 20 seconds in, Lucy runs off with the hay cube (may actually be the second time).
At 55s, Lucy does it again!
At 1m10s, Ethel rejoins Lucy. Again.

But after Ethel rejoins Lucy, Lucy is giving off a major disapproving bunny stare.

Bonus - edited out of the above video is a close-up clip of Mr. Bunya munching his hay cube, totally unaware, or at least uncaring, about the hay cube battle between the sisters, going on right behind him.
Why should he care? He has his cube and nobody's messing with that one!

Do your bunnies or pets run off with treats?
Or other things?


  1. Silverado Rabbit loves to steal Burton Bunny's hay cubes. But I keep the room pretty full of hay cubes, so Burton Bunny just shrugs (I know bunnies can't actually. But you can just tell that he's shrigging.)and moves on to another hay cube, which Silverado Rabbit promptly steals.

  2. Speedy doesn't have to share so no running off he like to eat out of my hand

  3. silky kept running off with a piece of paper i was trying to look at the other day...he will grab brussel sprouts and turn his back to you...he LOVES those things

  4. My bunnies do the same thing! I posted about it (with a video) last week: