Tuesday, October 2, 2012

GHRS Silent Auction Evening - Bunny "Nuts"

The host home was gorgeous and they are devoted bunny slaves, with little bunny art objects thoughtfully away tucked here and there.
The bunny stuff in this post - none of it was for the auction. These are from the attendees and volunteers, bunny lovers all ...

Chandelier in the breakfast area.
Gotta' love it!

A game board with a bunny orientation
Close-up of one of the game board bunnies.
Incredible detail that makes it its own piece of art.
Host bunnies' digs
Bunny statue tucked away in the bunnies'
reception area (just outside their digs, above).

Bunny statue of Bunya.
No, he was outside, guarding one of the doors.

Ring o' bunnies on the floor. Somewhere.

Necklace worn by one of the volunteers/patrons
(think Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's
but wearing bunny jewelry)
Don't you just love this cell phone case!?!
When in the pocket of her purse, the ears stick up.
The phone rings - she grabs the pink ears.
(From another attendee)
Self-created logo on note paper
(by the same lady with the bunny ear phone,

of her bunny)

So, the reference to bunny nuts in this post title refers to the attendees, us included, who had a great time talking bunnies, bunny blogs and sharing bunny pictures.

Coming soon: the stuff you could actually bid on!


  1. well I'm glad the chandelier wasnt for sale cuz I would be pretty bummed I can't have it anyway