Monday, October 29, 2012

One evening around the bunny watering hole ...

As bunny owners know, with a lot of patience and being "camera-ready", you might get lucky and capture some of those wonderful "things" about bunnies, the things you want to share with other bunny slaves and show those who are not yet bunny slaves ("There are two kinds of people in this world ....").

This is but a reasonable facsimile, due again to Lucy's tense paranoia. As I moved to get the picture, she picked her head up to see what I was doing (I was trying to get the really cute picture).

The bunnies were in another of their "bunmuda triangle" poses. After sharing a few grooming licks here and there, they all put their heads flat to the ground and smushed them against the others (Bunya and Lucy are still like that here). They were perhaps enjoying the closeness, but definitely waiting to see who would crack first and lick the other two.

Lucy just can't relax when there's the potential to be picked up ,
even with a 4-1/2 foot fence between her and human.

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  1. Thats dutchies for you ,they have trust issues,I used to have the same problem with my old dutchie until he got older,now with rexies you don't get that problem