Thursday, January 10, 2013

More bunny boxes

Do all bunny people get excited by boxes?
Oh ... just me?

On my trip to Costco last week, I took one last look at my shopping list and realized I had forgotten to look for vinegar boxes (yes - it was on the list ... my memory's getting so bad, I could plan my own surprise party). Found a couple of empty ones near the back of the store. You can see them on the buncam, in pictures of the pen. Only now it has been "refreshed". This is probably around the 5th incarnation of it. The bunnies love it, so after they have chewed it paper thin, we replace it. (If you want to know why these particular boxes, you can read here.)

But Mrs. Bunnymom got a refurbished vacuum to use on the bunnies turf. I snagged the box it came in. It's large and low, like "the warren" (only smaller). Removed the tape and stickers, cut several ingress and egress holes and - Voila'.

Bunya ran straight through,
from one short end door and out the other.

Ethel loves the high ground.
She gets on top and explores
how she can get to the top of other nearby boxes.
After running through it and
poking her nose out of the different doors,
Lucy got on top and is just looking around,
trying to figure out what Ethel saw.

Does your bunny have a favorite box?


  1. my rabbits refuse to leave their cardboard mini mazes. I always have to reach in and push their butts firmly to make them budge.

  2. I miss my apartment. I don't really have room at my mom's house for bunny box castles =[