Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The bunnies know their treat containers

Back to the "bunnies are smart" theme, check out this Bunny CSI adventure starring Bunya and Alice.

Extracting the Exact
(All such plastic containers are thoroughly cleaned before being used for pet treats.)

Pawing the Probios
We think this is their favorite treat -
they will start running for the container
as soon as they hear us unscrewing the top
(this treat is good for their digestion).

It is amazing what they pick up on when they think a treat may be involved. If I just get up to walk in the direction of the kitchen, I have a little buntourage hopping along with me. Never mind that seconds before, they were in one of their little flopped together piles of Bunmuda Triangle, seeming barely awake. Or scattered to the four corners of the basement in search of adventure and just the right piece of cardboard to rip, tear and chew. Even if it was not my intent to go for a treat (for them, anyway), more often than not, they turn out to be right. A piece of papaya or something makes it their way. They have trained me well.

And heaven forbid my snack is in a crinkly bag that sounds like one of their treat bags. I will be sitting in my chair and instantly will have three little bunnies staring up at me from my right side. "Puppy dog eyes" can't hold a candle to three sets of "bunny may I pleeeeease have a treat" eyes.
So I have just started keeping their treat containers next to my chair.
I am such an easy touch. And they know it.
As I said, they have trained me well.

Does your pet know where you keep the good stuff?


  1. silky knows the sound of his pellets...i will sit on the floor infront of his cage and he will do circles around me until i put his little dish down in his cage. its so funny. he knows bag crinkling too for his treats. so like you said, if you have a bag of ANYTHING he thinks its for him :)

  2. Sage used to throw things up on the counter till the treat bottle was knocked over and onto the floor then carry it to the living room where she'd sit and wait for me to appear to open it for her. I swear, if she'd has opposable things, I'd have been offed the first time I cut her toe nails. :)