Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catch my bunny, please! *

Lucy does not liked to be picked up. Although she's mellowed a little bit (very little), that still holds true.

This girl needs some grooming! She's shedding and these little spikes of hair tufts are hangers-on around her bottom. She looks like a porcupine or something.

Lucy Ungroomed
When we start to clean their pen (a Sunday morning ritual),
Lucy starts by watching us - very carefully -
from her perch on the fireplace.
If we even look at her funny,
she zooms under the desk, where we can't reach her.
And she knows it.

P.S. Caught her unawares a couple of days later. For a couple of days after that, at least she looked like a bunny again.

* Tip o' the hat to Henny Youngman.


  1. I almost adopted a rabbit, it bit me pretty hard. Still taking antibiotics for the bite now :(

    1. I am so sorry that happened and hope you are 100% soon. Unfortunately, many animals, rabbits included, are so abused they will not make good pets. Some of these and others with severe medical problems may become "sanctuary" buns, and live out their days at a shelter. Please try again and ask the HRS shelter volunteers to steer you towards a bun with a laid-back personality.
      Also, while bunnies have almost 360 degree vision, they have two blind spots of about 10 degrees, right in front of and in back of their heads. As I learned, you don't necessarily offer your hand like you would to a dog (letting them sniff your closed hand right in front of them); this approach can startle the bunny when your hand appears to them so close and suddenly out of their blind spot.
      We are lucky that our current three are not biters. This was not the case with Alice, who left one of the volunteers (and our adoption counselor) with a scar to remember her by.
      Good luck!

  2. haha, that's what Junie gets to looking like! I can't pick her up (she's so slippery!), but even when I do manage to get her into the bathtub, she won't sit still long enough for me to brush her!

    Love that second picture, LOL!

    1. We groom ours on the counter top, but to make sure they don't jump off and hurt themselves, we have to hold them. Either our vet or an HRS volunteer showed us the "bunny kung fu grip" that we use for grooming. It's a way to gently hold their heads down without hurting them. (For Bunya, as long as you feed him treats, he'll let you groom him on the floor. Because he needs to lose a few ounces, we don't do that anymore.)

  3. Speedy is shedding a lot at the moment too

  4. although i love all the funny pics of buns, im craving some funny videos!!!! silky had those tuffs but hasnt had any in awhile...and he only had them on his head...he didnt like it when i pulled them out...must have tickled or something lol

  5. Have you thought about getting a fence for the desk? Put it up before you start the cleaning routine.

    1. Duh! (on us) We were so amazed and amused at how smart Lucy is, we didn't think of that! Such a great, easy idea. We already have the wire exercise "panel" pen that we could use to "wrap" the desk. I told Mrs. Bunnymom your idea but she doesn't want to take that retreat strategy away from Lucy (we'll see). So for now, Lucy will just continue to amuse us and get groomed "off schedule". Thank you for a great solution!