Monday, January 7, 2013

When bunnies chew carpet

It is not a good thing for your bunny.

Or your carpet, for that matter.
This can REALLY mess with your bunny's insides.
So if you see it, stop it somehow.
And watch their poops, to make sure they are going.
You may spot some strung together poops,
like a little necklace of poops.
Bad, bad, bad.
Watch your bunnies.
And their poop.
A great health status indicator.

Ethel is the first to explore the obstacle
now blocking access to the delectable corner of the rug.
Her decision - chin this obelisk and claim it as hers.

Lucy: Move this thing!
(Yes, we have a pretty good idea who the culprit is.)

Lucy: Blasted humans! I will figure out how to move this thing.
(We wouldn't bet against her.
She has found her way into some amazing places.)
Seriously though, even if you have bunny-proofed their environment (and we wish you sincere "Good luck" with that), check for what new mischief they may be making in hidden places.


  1. Crispin does this ALL THE TIME. We're forever having to figure out how to cover all the corners and edges of the carpet. Even then, sometimes he'll just dig in the middle and manage to pick at it. Thankfully I don't think he eats much of it--he just enjoys destroying it :-P

  2. I give this solution about 3 days max ....