Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Breakin' up is hard to do .... Bundom Style

(Cue Neil Sedaka. Or Psy ...)

It's been between 5 and 6 weeks since we assessed Bunya as "pooky" and took him to the vet.
The Bunya in question, at the vet.
Last weekend, Bunya was re-X-rayed.

Head end

< Here is his stomach.
The mass is not as big
and not as well defined
as in the prior x-rays.

So that's the "good news":
The mass is smaller and coming apart.

The "bad news":
It's still there.

Hence, the "Breakin' up is hard to do"
(When you read that title,
do you sing the song?)

(This is the x-ray that
was telling; the second
x-ray, below, is included
in case anyone is interested.)

Tail end

Head end                                   Stomach                                                                                                  Tail end                 

So, Bunya will keep taking his medicine and we will see, in another 6-8 weeks.
He will stay on his all-hay diet (well, mostly); we are including a variety of hay flavors.

P.S. For those inquiring minds who asked here or on Facebook, the medicine is Metoclopramide syrup, a gastrointestinal promotility drug.


  1. Some progress is better than none, but dadgum!

  2. bunny x-ray= so cool! Hope he is back to 100% real soon

  3. I was hoping he'd get a perfect bill of health, but I'm glad at least there's been some progress. Those x-rays are very interesting.

  4. Poor baby. He will get well soon!