Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cute bunnies increase your brain power!!!

If you Google this: Looking At Cute Animal Pictures At Work Can Make You More Productive, you will find lots of articles about a recent study [as one example, from Huffington PostResults show that participants performed tasks requiring focused attention more carefully after viewing cute images. This is interpreted as the result of a narrowed attentional focus induced by the cuteness-triggered positive emotion that is associated with approach motivation and the tendency toward systematic processing.] Yeah, okay, whatev.

Well, today, Rabbit Ramblings is going to make you so smart and focused, you will amaze your co-workers, astonish your supervisors and get on track for the corner office ...
Bunny Brain Powers - Activate!

(Bonus: Added 04-26-2013)

Our own Miss Ethel, giving new definition to the term "arm rest".

Now - Go get 'em, Tiger!


  1. Awww! So much bunny lurve! I'll bet I'm absolutely brilliant, now!

  2. I've had my brain power fix today,thanks!

  3. I feel smarter already. Mensa material.

    Congrats to Bunya, Ethel, and Lucy on their Daily Bunny appearance!

  4. That is so much cute I almost can't stand it.

    My congrats also to Bunya, Ethel, and Lucy on Daily Bunny. That is my other favorite website besides this one. ;)

  5. With all that extreme cuteness, my brain is on fire!