Thursday, April 11, 2013

The bunnies explore the Maze Haven

As previously noted in Pop goes the bunny! (a very funny video, if you haven't seen it yet), the bunnies got a Maze Haven from the Binky Bunny (which goes to show, we need to lock up the credit cards and password protect the basement computer). It has been assembled (the day received) and put into play ...

Bunya peeking out
of the second story
(the configuration chosen;
you can build others
from the same materials)

Getting a better look.

Tank commander Ethel telling Lucy where to aim (the treat jar).
Or maybe Ethel is the periscope and Lucy's peeking out of a porthole.

Verdict? Pretty nifty!

To keep the bunnies entertained, the maze was
set into their pen as a change of pace, rearranging the furniture,
to try to stave off boredom with the same old thing.
The favorite Cherrios box remains.
Of course, as always, the bunnies will move the various things in the pen where they want them. As it should be.


  1. looks like they had fun with their new maze!xx Speedy's mum

  2. this is awesome! my rabbits love their mini haven too!

  3. So fun! Don't you sometimes wish you could get in there & play, too?

  4. They look like they're having a blast. Ethel is especially cute in those photos.