Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One day at the bunny toy ... Three amigos chewing at Einstein

The bunnies attack their Einstein (from The Blissful Bunny) because they know as soon as they see it - if it has the tops on, there are treats inside (I tried to back away quickly). Lucy is the most adept and Ethel the least.

Lucy takes one top off herself and Bunya & Ethel kinda' bully off another together. Ethel knows if she sticks close, she can get in for a treat after the other two do (sometimes before).

This happens about 13 seconds in -
all 3 chewing together in the same pose.

After they open the first two tops, Lucy looks like she's trying to figure a way to get around Ethel and Bunya and get to the third. However, she gets discouraged and hops back into their pen for a drink of water. When Lucy is not actively seeking treats, Bunya must figure there's none to be had.

But after Bunya and Lucy leave, Ethel knows there're more treats. She just does not quite know the combination. She scratches and nudges until she gets it. Her persistence is rewarded -- she gets all the treats in that last one for herself (if you want to jump ahead, start at about 1 min 33 sec).


  1. Great video! My dad helped my son make one of those toys for Trouble, but we're waiting for Adoption Day to give it to him. I'm really anxious to see if he likes it as much as Bunya, Lucy and Ethel do!

  2. I have to agree with Speedy. Ethel may not be quite as dexterous as Lucy, but she was brilliant in waiting until she was alone to get that last one open, so she didn't have to share - especially since she'd already had some! Hehehe

  3. Oh she's soooo cute. I love the part where she seems a little surprised she finally got the lid off and almost puts it back before throwing it aside. :-)

  4. Very cute! They started to take off the peg things as soon as you set it down! Daisy(my Bunny) would like to do that!