Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is this bunny REAL or NOT REAL???

The answer is real. The fence probably gave it away.

Effie the Angora, now a gorgeous bunny, was found in a small cage under a porch, neglected and filthy, with matted fur.

She is now in the care of a GHRS volunteer foster-er (who was also our adoption counselor when we adopted Lucy & Ethel). Effie is friendly, curious and very soft. When she's completely healthy and spayed, she will be available for adoption.

Potential adopters must know she will require extra care (read: grooming and brushing) because she is, after all, a drop-dead gorgeous Angora bunny!

This link will take you to the new adoptables page of GHRS.
The Adoption Procedures page is here. The adoption fee is incredibly minimal since you will be getting a healthy, "fixed" bunny - and the fee is way less than what you would pay to get a bunny fixed - there's just no way you'd get the same "volume discount".
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  1. she is gorgeous and I could groom her everyday*sigh*

  2. Angoras make wonderful pets (we are guardians of a lovely English Angora doe), and are perfect for people who love to comb, brush, and groom their pets. They are more high-maintenance than some bunns, on par with a Persian cat, or Papillon dog. They have sweet, snuggly personalities. Ours is also very smart and loves to play games.