Saturday, April 6, 2013

Does this adorable little bunny belong to you???

This adorable bunny wandered into someone's yard and was attacked by a pet dog (a small breed, thankfully). The daughter tried to separate them but had to call her mother. Fortunately, it sounds like Mom snagged the bunny away from Fido before really serious damage was done.

Mom & daughter ran the bunny to an emergency vet who was cats and dogs only. They were referred to All Creatures where Dr. Mike checked her out for cuts, broken bones, etc. It looks like some hair was missing from her ears and there was some crusted fur, perhaps from the dog. No major damage was detected. Dr. Mike called GHRS ... the bunny was identified as "domestic" (a lionhead) and not a wild bunny. Her temperature was 101.5, within a rabbit's "normal" range. Kudos to Mom & Daughter for (1) saving the bunny, (2) taking it to a vet - two, actually, and (3) not dumping and running; they would not leave the bunny until someone from GHRS was found to taxi the bunny to the shelter (already taxed to the max and overcrowded with bunnies rescued from a hoarder).

Hopefully, this tough bun will recover from all the trauma. The trauma began before the dog attack. Her feet had red Georgia clay seeped into the fur. So she likely was already outside when we had the frigid, rainy weather here.

To help you identify if this is your bunny or if you know someone looking for a lost bun: The rabbit was found in Sandy Springs, GA, north of 285 and west of Roswell Road.

As has been noted here several times, domestic rabbits do not have the skills to survive in the wild. If she is yours and escaped from you accidentally, please contact GHRS and go to her. If you let this adorable bunny loose in the wild or kept her outside ... I don't know ... shame on you ... make a donation to GHRS - a BIG one.

The bunny, dubbed "Ginger", was settled into the medical section of the shelter. She was getting lethargic, her temp had fallen a little, and she did not want to eat from a virtual bunny smorgasbord of choices: greens, hay, pellets, treats and water. As this is written, Ginger is now being given fluids, pain medicine and Critical Care.

Ginger lands at the GHRS shelter.

Ginger weighs in at around 4-1/2 pounds.

Ginger settled into her temporary (medical) quarters at GHRS.

We hope this tough bun recovers and makes it "home", whether that's where she came from, or with a new adopted family.


  1. Awwww Brave sweet heart!I shall google+ this

  2. :( get well and live happily, little one

  3. I'm sure we will find a home as a soon as she is well she looks like such a darling!!