Sunday, June 23, 2013

Are you a Bunspace member?

Really, you have a bunny and you aren't?
Bunspace is like Facebook for bunnies.

So join up - you can post pictures of your bunnies and see bunnies and bunny lovers from around the world. One of our favorite pages is Rabbits Everywhere to which you submit things that remind you of bunnies ... a cloud, a pepper mill, a puddle of piddle - go look and you will see this and more (including several entries from Bunya, Lucy & Ethel).

Here's another great reason: Pennies 4 Bunnies. Funds are contributed to various bunny rescues. Right now GHRS is one of the candidates to receive a $100 donation. Voting ends June 30, 2013.

So if you already a member, or join, please go here: Pennies 4 Bunnies, log in and vote for GHRS.

GHRS has just adopted its 100th bunny this year, but is still caring for another 100 at its shelter and associated foster homes.

Miles & Phoebe -- #s 99 & 100 for 2013

If you join, post a comment here or on our Facebook page and let us know!


  1. Sound fab but at the moment I am lacking in time maybe when I have more time

  2. I got the account started, but will have to fill out the profile when I can access a computer (as opposed to just my phone).

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