Friday, June 14, 2013

RR Submission: Buddy

Had to ask the back story on Buddy (incredibly cute - we met him in  person at Bunnyfest plus he had a prior RR video submission). I'd heard that where you put his towel, he flops. So in this picture, here's Buddy, all stretched out, flopped on his towel that had been placed on the sofa, leaning his chin on his devotee's lap, watching TV together (Bugs Bunny cartoons, no doubt).

So here's the scoop:
When he was really little ... we left a towel on the ground in the middle of the room and he would run around playing and just occasionally go back to sit on the towel like a home base. We also discovered that he didn't like to be picked up unless he was on the towel. So when he was really tiny (2-3 months old) and living in a cage, he'd only come out if you put the towel in front of him. He'd just hop on and be ready for lift off!

Buddy is about 6 months now and still obeys the towel.

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  1. How cute is he!?! He LOOKS like a 'Buddy', too. The towel trick is fun-I wonder what it is about the towel that makes him feel so safe...

  2. very cute,the towel is probably soft and comfy,xx