Sunday, June 23, 2013

Over 375 rabbits seized -- Need loving house rabbit families and foster homes

This month, over 375 rabbits were seized from horrible conditions - too small cages with wire bottoms, out in the heat, insufficient proper food and water, and in ill health. Indiana House Rabbit Society needs donations and foster homes. If you are an experienced bunny person and can help, contact IHRS or your local HRS chapter. Thank you.

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Indiana House Rabbit Society
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  1. I happen to live in Indiana. I lived in Indianapolis last year, unfortunately I moved back north and have been unable to assist IHRS, but I have been following the story. There has been alot of drama between House rabbit people and breeders as a result. IHRS facebook admins even had to change the group from open to closed because of the flood of vicious comments from breeders.