Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bunnyfest 2013: Bunnies

So many cute bunnies! So many different kinds!
After all, the whole event is about the Bunjamins.
Just a few from GHRS but most from the bunny devotees who brought their bunnies to show off, for bunny massages, for bunny wellness exams, or the very popular mani-pedi.

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Seeing double.
Seeing double.

Adorable bun demonstrating The Blissful Bunny's
Simmons Bunnyrest mattress.
Curious bunny
checking out the crowd.

Brushes and combs were for sale.

"Taking my picture?
Wait, here's my best side!
Cheese .... I mean, Carrots!"

Nom, nom, nom

"I will sit here and be adorable
while you take my picture."

"Do you mind?
I'm sitting in the bathroom."

"Oh like wow, man, you should taste these greens!"


Hmmm ... may have a mix here.

A junior Bunya?

Same style, different flavors.

The Odd Couple?

"That dude was right.
These greens are delicious."

Bunnyfest vendors and bunny things to follow.


  1. such an adorable slection of bunnies!

  2. Yup!I do believe 'adorable' is the word of the day. I wonder how many of these sweet buns are pictured in the dictionary as theepitome of 'adorable'... I mean, they ALL qualify!