Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bunnyfest 2013: Vendors

The Blissful Bunny
This was part of the silent auction. Really wanted this to fill with paper strips (mainly for Ethel - check this out: The Bunny Digging Box). However, a very generous email bid of $500 came in on it. Sorry for my bunnies but very happy for GHRS. And the bunnies will never know.

Digging box (the window side)

Digging box (entrances)
More Blissful Bunny below

GHRS Hop Shop
It's like they carted the entire shop to this venue. Really - the tables and merchandise took up more space than the size of the entire Hop Shop at the GHRS shelter. (BTW, you may recognize that many of the items sold in the Hop Shop are made by The Blissful Bunny.)

A bunny favorite

Highly Impressionable
Highly Impressionable on Etsy

So much wonderful crafty stuff, including
bunny bookmarks, journals and greeting cards

Personal journal
Bunny bookmark


The Highly Impressionable team included
the artist's inspirational bunny - very cute!

The Blissful Bunny (Part Deux)

Rolling toys, chewing toys, hay boxes,
hay boxes with litter boxes, tunnels and beds (oh my!)

Bunny castles, bridges and ramps

(Silent auction playhouse)

Play houses