Saturday, June 15, 2013

The bunnies sit out a tornado

Earlier this week, we were hanging out with the bunnies when we heard the tornado warning siren go off. The TV, before it blipped out, was warning of the weather bearing down on top of us.

What do you do? Listen to them. Head for the lowest, internal spot in your house.
We grabbed the important stuff, the bunnies and a flashlight, and headed for the windowless storage room. I think this is the first time we had felt compelled to do so. It was close.

The bunnies huddle together to wait out the tornado(s).

Now, a few of you rabbit owners or regular RR readers may recall that many bunnies do not particularly like to be picked up. Especially Lucy.

We were lucky in that they were all in their pen, even though the gate was open; that's just where they hang out if they are not exploring. Or begging for treats.

So I jumped in and closed the gate behind me. They have plenty of places to dash about and hide in there but eventually I caught them one by one and passed them to Dr. Mrs. Bunnymom to stow in their carrier. It was a short trip down the hall and to the other side of the gate that marks the limit of their free ranging. The bunnies were not sure what was happening. Actually, neither were we.

We were very fortunate. It passed relatively quickly, after some tense moments; we did not even let the bunnies loose. Other neighborhoods were not so lucky. There were a significant number of power outages, not all restored yet; trees fell on houses. Traffic has been clogged for days as downed trees are removed from roadways and power lines restrung. We wish everyone a quick restoration of the operational aspects of their homes (like air conditioning) and ongoing safety therein.


  1. As the storm passes overhead and outside, three buns plot the storm that is going to emerge underfoot and inside..

    (VERY glad to hear everybun is okay! *Vibes for your neighbours!*)

  2. glad to hear you're all ok,hope everything for you and your neighbours sorts its self out xx

  3. Hunkering down with bunnies, especially ones that don't like to be picked up, that's an experience, and been there, done that! Glad you all made it safe and sound.

  4. Very glad you & yours are all safe & well, & we'll be praying for those who didn't fare so well.

  5. do they act different during/before/after storms? you know like dogs sometimes do...silky never does. we haven't had anything really bad yet tho. glad you are all ok and hope things get back to normal soon!

  6. I have nightmares about this sort of thing all the time