Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BunnyFest 2012 - The Bunnies of ...

This is just a small sampling of the many bunnies at Bunnyfest.

Look at this incredible English Angora, Wallace.
I asked if there was another bunny named Grommet at home, but Wallace is a 3-1/2 year old rescued bachelor bunny.
The most difficult part of taking Wallace's picture was that I couldn't tell if the camera was focused. In every picture, I assume there was some fluff of hair somewhere that was in focus.

Wallace laying down quietly
to be loved on by his human slave.
Wallace chinning the ticket jar.
(English Angora, or part Wookie ...
or Ewok?)

Can you tell I found Wallace fascinating?
Don't you love those ears!
This was one big bunny. You could get tennis elbow
just from the grooming required ... "grooming elbow".

Bunny pens lined up for
your cute viewing pleasure.

This couple was obviously a bonded pair.
One's head was smushed flat to the floor
and the other was gently grooming its head,
despite the surrounding noise and mayhem.
Very sweet.

Not only a handsome bunny, but I loved the name:
Mr. Coffee
At first, I thought this might be a doppelganger for Bunya,
right down to the furry tufts shedding from the butt.
But nah - wait until you see Bunya's mirror image
(in a separate, future post).

More bunny pens
This cute couple shows that with bunnies,
"size doesn't matter."
The white one was twice the size of the little lionhead.
(Don't you love that spiky 'doo between the ears?)
This is not uncommon with the pairs you might find for adoption
(and don't try to predict which is "he" or "she" based on size).

Okay, here's the one I thought was really adorable. I kept going back to this pen; finally, this shy little baby came out of his carrier to try some hay. So tiny - palm of your hand tiny.
You may "SQUEEEE" at will.

In upcoming Bunnyfest posts:
Look-alike bunnies
Miss Waffles and her contest

If you missed this one, do not miss next year's!


  1. We were unable to be there, so it's great to see these photos. Thanks! Look forward to seeing more!

  2. Reat photo's but now I'm SQEEING...SQUEE!