Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bunnyfest 2012 - The T-shirts of...

Last Bunnyfest post ... the souvenir T-shirts, of course!

Due to the comment on the May 31st post by sandy l, I was on the lookout for T-shirts with something related to the really cute Bunnyfest poster. There were a couple, shown below. If you'd like one,. check with the GHRS Hop Shop to see if they still have some for sale.

In addition, sandy l, one of the GHRS volunteers said that they are looking into putting others, perhaps the poster, on the GHRS Zazzle site. So, you might check there every so often.

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Bunnyfest P.S. Did you get any pictures of the Windward Animal Hospital table at Bunnyfest? If so, please email the pictures to Thanks!


  1. Thank you SO much for checking on tshirts for me!! I just sent the Hop Shop an email to ask. I appreciated your coverage of Bunnyfest 2012 - seems like alot of fun (and I really envied the bunny who got the massage). We love your blog and keeping up with Bunya, Lucy, and Ethel.
    sandy and mr. bean (your fans out in California)

    1. Thanks for being a regular RR reader. I hope the Hop Shop can accommodate your shopping desires! Regards to Mr. Bean.

  2. Thanks Bunya! I've been in touch with Johna and will order a tshirt when the new batch gets printed. Please thank your human for checking out all of the fun things at Bunnyfest for me!!
    Sandy and Mr. Bean