Friday, June 15, 2012

Random thoughts from Ethel

My mommy was cradling me in her arms and I noticed -
I really need to get my nails trimmed.
But I was too comfy to bother. Maybe later.

Oh! Oh! I can do an imitation now.
See, this is me doing my impression of Lucy!
I figured it out all by myself -
you gotta' mostly close one eye and kinda' pop out the other eye.
And look crazy - don't forget the crazy!


  1. what a great impression Ethel but I must say you look so cute!

  2. What a wonderful blog. This is my first visit. I came via HoR. Does that little bunn have some " 'splaining' to do?

    1. just check out crazy eyed lucy the black and white dutch and all will be explained

    2. Thank you! At some point or another, they each have some 'splaining to do. How they got their names is at

  3. oops forgot this,don't forget to enter Speedy's prize draw