Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bunnyfest 2012 - The Bunny Merchants of ...

It's all about the Bunjamins, and there were lots of great bunny things to buy and benefit GHRS, too.

Mobile version of GHRS's Hop Shop

DSV Enterprise had many handcrafted
charms and pendants, some on scrabble tiles, like these.


Bunnies by The Caricature Dude
(One on the left is Hare-E Potter)
Lots of choices here - caricatures of you, your bunny,
or you and your bunny.

Bead-az-zled had lots of cute bunny earrings
(and other custom jewelry)

The Bunny Bakery has something (many things)
for the bunny slave's sweet tooth.

But if you missed these opportunities to benefit GHRS, you can always donate some Bunjamins here.
> ; )


  1. I read the opening line as being "All about bunjamas" and was wondering why anyone would DARE dress up their bunny in pjs!!!!! :)

  2. Uh - Yum! My but people are creative!