Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miss Waffles at Bunnyfest!

Miss Waffles provides advice to the bunny-perplexed (Ask Miss Waffles) and has her own Facebook page.

Miss Waffles is the GHRS office manager and resides in her box on the desk in the office there. They set her up similarly on a table at Bunnyfest.

Miss Waffles checking out her mobile home.
It (and she) usually reside on the desk at the GHRS office.

Miss Waffles, out to give princess waves to her adoring fans (me).

Oh, and in the education section of Bunnyfest, Miss Waffles held a contest ...
right under the poster explaining a bunny's digestive system.

Using a modicum of discretion (or perhaps so as not to tax her own digestive system, since the jar was bigger than her), it was my impression that Miss Waffles decided to substitute a breakfast cereal for the represented contents.

Thank you, Miss Waffles...

Although I think it will be quite some time before I purchase Cocoa Puffs again...

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