Friday, November 30, 2012

Bunnydom activities of daily living - 5

#5 - Grooming
Grooming - showing love and affection among bonded bunnies.
Which is not to say that there isn't the occasional hair-pulling,
if alpha bunny needs to reaffirm the pecking order.

A chain of grooming

Lucy in the middle

Bunya in the middle -
The Bunmuda Triangle
Fortunately, we had lots of pictures from which to choose for this activity.

Here's a (too long) video showing how lucky Bunya is - the girls take turns grooming him. A real groom-fest.

This is to be distinguished from when a human wants to groom them, for which they express a different sentiment, succinctly demonstrated here by Bunya.

(The wire part of the brush Bunya grabbed is not used on the bunnies - it is too harsh for their delicate skin. The soft bristle side is for them, along with the furminator.)

Of course, grooming is most evident if you have a pair of bonded bunnies. (Otherwise, you have to rub their little heads for them.) If you have a single bunny, think about having your local HRS chapter or other rabbit rescue arrange some dates for your bunny. Remember: You don't pick their mate - they do (make sure everyone has already been "fixed" and has healed). If you are thinking about adopting a rescue bunny, forget the dating process and just adopt a bonded pair - that's the easiest.


  1. Yup. But - I think our singles are quite happy that way and will stay that way too.