Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ethel does the Funky Chicken

Well, her funky chicken.
(For those too young to recall, Google "Funky Chicken" - it's a dance.)

Ethel was by the gate to their pen. The video was on because maybe she was going to do one of her adorable full-body flops. But no - it wasn't meant to be. Instead, she settled herself into the "chicken" position. Looks like she could lay some eggs. This was cut from several minutes, waiting for her to flop, to about 10 seconds, the time when she finally decided she'd nest herself.

What I think is really funny is in the first few seconds: Ethel drops her head and tries to pull it back up, kind of an "I can't keep my eyes open or head up any longer, I'm so sleepy" micro-nap. She really fell asleep on her feet.

I'm empathetic - I remember those nod-offs from some not-my-major college classes.

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