Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New bunny toy!

When stocking up on supplies at the GHRS Hop Shop, saw a new item -  a chew house:

Initial approach is cautious,
but Ethel is the first to go in for the "chin".

Bunya is the first to venture inside.
Ethel's still chinning outside.

Peek a boo!

Room for two!

Lucy peeks over the back wall to scope it out.
When she went inside,
Bunya tried to demonstrate it was big enough for two.
Lucy was having none of that and hopped out over the back wall.

If you build it ... they will nom.
(Movie reference)


  1. I've heard that this makes a good digging box!

  2. That should last you a long time...much longer than the willow balls or rings.

  3. Replies
    1. $25, I think. It may be cheaper elsewhere but I don't shop around when I can get it from HRS.

    2. thats pretty reasonable considering two of them can fit in it!!!