Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ethel wants to clock us!

We would have forgotten, but Ethel reminded us to reset our clocks tonight -
Fall back 1 hour!

We have so many clocks and watches
that Ethel volunteered to reset some for us.

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!
But seriously - reset your clocks tonight.

What is it with White Rabbits and being on time?
(Check out this related vanity license plate)

Changing of the clocks in the U.S. explained here.


  1. She is one clever bunny,hugs from Speedy's mum

  2. Ethel is soooo adorable! Her personality just seems so sweet. I showed her picture to my Lola (male - long story), & he thinks she's cute, too.

    What color are her eyes? They look brown, here. (A good thing to me - not sure why, but pink eyes tend to make me squirm)

    1. Both Lucy & Ethel's eyes are blue and gorgeous.
      Before L&E, there was Alice - another LWB and she had pink eyes. She was bonded to Bunya but unbonded after she was deathly ill and recovered. You can enter her name in the "Search this blog" box if you want to read some about her. Unfortunately, that is her picture on the Rainbow Bridge page, too.