Thursday, November 8, 2012

The bunny paper box revisited

The evolution of the bunnies' paper box has been discussed (for example, here).

My wife ordered something. It came in a box that was at least 8 times the size of the item, surrounded by lots of those static cling packing peanuts (hate those). Didn't matter - it was broken. The company's customer service was superb; they re-shipped the item post haste. It came in another over-size box but was packed well enough not to break. Just wish the company would be a little more "green". It would seem they could save a fortune on packing materials and shipping.

Anyway, for our order at least, we tried to make them green. New boxes for the bunnies! And the rolls of brown paper that were crushed into the box as packing - another whole adventure for the bunny SCUBA box (Self Contained Underpaper Bunny Apparatus).

I brought the boxes and paper into the basement to start working on them. The brown wrapping paper was unrolled and trailing behind me like a 30 foot bride's train. It was very crinkly (that is, noisy) and the buns did a mad dash to hide. [THUMP!]

I crumpled the paper into their paper box and, after they came out of hiding - after all, it was just the silly human - they started exploring it while I worked on the boxes.

Ethel was the first out to see
what happened to her paper box.
Lucy quickly joined her.
Brave bunny Bunya watches from inside the pen,
putting a strong fence between him and the intruder.

Eventually, Bunya comes out to get up close and personal,
to examine this for himself.

Ethel nibbling a corner of the new paper and
gently rolling it around in her mouth
to detect the flavor nuances.
It meets with all the bunnies approval.

Here's 15 seconds of Ethel SCUBA diving:

All three of them love the added paper, whether they are nibbling it, hiding in it, or just making the noisy crinkling sounds themselves ... such power - they didn't know they could make that loud a ruckus all by themselves.

When we are gone and they are in their pen, they even stick their heads through the fence to grab big pieces and pull it back through to play with.

More about what the boxes turned into later.


  1. Hehehe Bunnies!great for recycling paper and boxes!

  2. So cute!! I love seeing them play with stuff like that. I have a bunch of that type of paper set aside for the buns, but I kept thinking I would have to do something with it...I never thought to just give it to them (duh)! I'll have to try it today.