Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bunya loving on Lucy and Ethel

The bunnies were all together, having just nommed some papaya treats. And sometimes, when they are all heads down together, the Bunmuda Triangle forms, and loving ensues ...

Something distracts Bunya for a few seconds, but the girls patiently wait for more. If anybun is getting groomed, they all seem to have this relaxed patience to wait for more. They want to make sure they are getting all the licks the mate is willing to give.

In this case, Bunya is doling out the licks. I suspect if we could put a timer on it, the order of bunnies that love their bonded mates the most are:
1. Ethel - the sweetest, loving-est of the three, by far
2. Lucy - toss up on whether she'll be spotted giving or receiving loving
3. Bunya - as alpha, most likely to be on the receiving end of the equation (if you had a choice, would you rather give or get a massage?), although as demonstrated in the video, not always