Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ethel, the bunny chin rest

Bunya and Ethel were out of their pen and settled in front of the big cardboard tube they like to gnaw on. Perhaps Ethel was trying to get some licks because she had slid her head under Bunya's chin. But when we first spotted them, it looked like he was using her for a chin rest (pictures are in order) ...

Bunya: I'm pooped - can I just rest my head here a minute?

Ethel: Sure! Could you give me some licks while you are there?

Bunya: Ooooh - that's a good idea! Groom me!

Ethel: But I asked you first.

Bunya: Too late - I'm the flattest.
And alpha bunny.
And Ethel is the sweetest of all of them anyway.

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